The City that Always Sleeps.

from by The Distorting Glass.

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The City That Always Sleeps.
(Ingenuity Is An Ingenuousness)

Sunday, crack of dawn,
the sky is dirty white;
Montmartre's unsung cemetery
is void of human life.
The doors are still all closed,
early tears are not allowed;
Some silent men go near
but only wind should reign inside.

Wait, a little girl's in sight;
Discreet in her movements,
you could almost pass her by;
She's come to enjoy the subdued
variations in the morning light.

Amongst the trees she walks,
there's no posture to be posed;
True feelings can't be cloned,
this fascination is inborn;
Bleeding hearts and dizzy whores
all have visions of their own;
Be authentic over novel
if your heart demands it so.

A certain piece draws her attention;
Tears of verdigris run down the face
of Zola's weathered bust;
She moves closer with clear signs of apprehension;
The man's empty grave still sees
with empty eyes of blackened rust.

As rain begins to fall
her subconscious leaks a quote;
In a wet piece of school paper
she'll leave some mark of her own
Leaning over the tomb,
she quickly scribbles a note:
She writes: "Art in every action
is forever carved in stone."


from The Germ., released April 21, 2013
Written, performed and recorded by Pablo Bellinghausen.



all rights reserved


The Distorting Glass. London, UK

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